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What userXpert does...

Digital Product Design

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User Experience Design

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User Interface Design

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2D Animation, Web Video Production

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What 2BDP does...

User Experience Design

We apply best practice UX design methodology to define solutions based on end to end business and user needs.

We can rapidly move from design hypotheses to prototype ideas and simultaneously help instruct your team through the business transformation and train you on UX, design, and user testing methods.

Digital Product Design

Building a product or disrupting a marketplace isn’t just about defining the UX and UI; it’s about designing a business.

From developing business strategies to understanding key market segments and market sizing, we can help you design, build, launch, and scale your idea or digitally transform an existing product.

User Interface Design

2BDP is an expert in delivering transformative user interface and user experience overhauls to existing web applications and software products. We have a clear understanding of who the likely targeted customers are and what their demands are. Therefore, our UI design methodology focused on satisfying the needs of the target customers.

We focus on design systems for design and development efficiency, and we care about accessibility while working on UI designs.

Voice User Interaction

2BDP follow recent technologies in user experience, such as voice user interfaces. A voice user interface (VUI) is a technology that allows people to use their voices to interact with computers and devices.

Visionary developers in all fields, from games to brand agencies, corporations to startups, embrace voice and pave the way toward fully conversational, multimodal interactions that extend to mobile, wearables, and even virtual reality. In addition, 2BDP provides and supports VUI experiences in projects.

What's New!

Beauty Angels UK store is live!

2BDP Consultancy designed and published Beauty Angels UK Store e-commerce site. Beauty Angels provides exclusive microblading products for eyelash color changes. Website works on woocommerce service. You can visit Beauty Angels UK store.

DataSpin website is live!

2BDP Consultancy designed and published DataSpin website. DataSpin is a startup software company. DataSpin develops GDPR, data privacy complaince solutions for all industries.  You can visit DataSpin website.

Whom we worked with most

Habib Bank London
Bahrain Islamic Bank
Innovation Credit Union Canada
Beauty Angels UK Store

Tool Box & Skills






Adobe Creative

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Captivate


Adobe Auditon







Amazon Alexa Skills

Agile UX

Lean UX


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